How long have you been providing signals and what sent you down that path?

Mentoring since we joined Pelican Trading but we have been providing signals for the past 5 years mainly to institutional clients and twitter followers, friends and family members.

Back in 2008 we started to develop our first trading algorithm based on waves and resonance theory. After two years of modeling math formulas and back testing against our first 20 proprietary algorithms, we decided to forward test our system on real time market data.

In brief, what is your trading strategy?

S1X provides customized market analysis and predictions to clients and followers worldwide. Driven by our proprietary algorithms engine it allows customers to adjust their own forecasts and portfolio investments strategies.

S1X real time market forecasting software is based on over 90 highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms combined with more than 30 years of 3D market data.

We scan the markets 24/6 for our customers to find new daily opportunities that match their profile and increase total investments returns. Optimized returns at every level of risk are made possible through highly sophisticated smart algorithms and money management.

The algorithms were developed around the wave and resonance theory applied to financial markets and uses multiple time frames overlays to calculate price targets with high accuracy.

Our managed future long & short strategy does not make use of stop loss but uses countertrades, offsetting and hedging to re-balance accounts to a beta neutral exposure. Depending on the traded time frame and wave cycle we expect a position to close within an average of 4.5 days, 7 weeks and 4.5 months. Higher time frames are available for long-term strategies but are not published within the pelican-trading platform.

With regard to risk management what account size do you recommend, as a minimum, for clients following you via your Pelican group?

Everybody must do his or her own risk management especially since we DO NOT provide/use any SL and we do not know the client’s available account equity. We merely suggest that new students/clients take a small percentage of their available equity for any specific trade.

Large amount of contracts with small available bank CAN & WILL result in possible complete loss or a large drawdown which has/can (to) be expected in highly volatile markets before hitting our signals/target price.

Our trades are based on available account equity of 10.000 USD/EUR/GBP and followers are required to scale their contract size or amount of trades accordingly to their available equity.

Do you specialize in specific markets?

NO, we trade any available underlying and more so the ones with most volume. All available Forex pairs, commodities and Indices.

Share signals will be part of our offerings in the near future.

Do you use Stops and Limits?

As already mentioned, we DO NOT supply/use a Stop Loss. Stop loss is depending on the client’s available equity, risk tolerance and money management strategy. If we were to publish a specific stop loss it does not mean it would fit all types of accounts and its available equity.

We provide only entry and exit targets! In some rare case a stop loss might be used to protect a winning trade and avoid of turning into a loser due to strong market reversal.

In our own trading system we do not use stop losses but rather make use of advanced hedging, countertrading and offsetting strategy to re-balance an account exposure.

Please make sure to read and fully understand the knowledge base articles with respect to money management before trading real money account.

What are the subscription costs associated with your Pelican group?

Monthly subscription stands for now at 199 $/€/£

Discounts offered to existing twitter followers for the 1st month 50%. Request your discount code through our contact form or directly inside the pelican app and supply your twitter account.

Discounts available for long term subscriptions

3 months upfront 10%
6 months upfront 20%
12 months upfront 30%

Please also check our special offers page for current deals

Why are you using a demo account?

We use demo accounts to submit a large numbers of high probability signals through the pelican app. We need to supply multiple signals to followers on a daily basis and can’t therefore apply our own money management strategy to the account used for this purpose.

Rest assured that we do trade the exact same signals in our real money accounts and do apply the same money management strategy as described throughout this website.

If you need a fully managed solution please contact us to apply for our fully automated managed account solution.

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