Getting Started

Trading market hours

Normally the trading hours are 24/5 depending on the underlyings. Some of them can be traded around the clock, others (depending on country) can only be traded from 8 or 9am to 5pm. After hours trading is available in some. We provide trading signals mostly throughout the European and US main trading session from Monday […]

Managed account

A managed account is an investment/trading account that is owned by an individual investor and overseen and/or traded by S1X Financial Intelligence automated trading engine. Being able to offer managed accounts thru PELICAN and therefore being fully FCA approved, we are happy to talk to each investor in private and make sure we have the […]

What costs are involved

The App is free to download and our standard trading signals are free to follow. S1X Financial PREMIUM signal service costs 199.00 £/$/€ per month. Different discount apply. Please click on SPECIAL OFFERS S1X Financial Premium managed account service fee is 30% of net profit with high-water marks, with a min. of 20’000 €/£/$ per […]

Which service is right for me

Depending on the kind of trader you are and the amount of time you can dedicate to trading you should consider subscribing to our PREMIUM group at S1X FINANCIAL in order to get all the buy/sell signals we provide and trade them accordingly. For lees experienced traders we advise to sign up for S1X Premium […]

Basic requirements

You need to have successfully traded your demo account for at least one month You need to have your money management and risk management strategy in place Fully understand how to follow S1X trading signals Update your account to the S1X Premium service You have read most if not all knowledge base articles and the […]

Steps to trade real money

Follow these 10 steps to start trading your real money account SUCCESSFULLY TRADE YOUR DEMO ACCOUNT OPEN YOUR REAL MONEY ACCOUNT FUND YOUR ACCOUNT TRADE WITH CAUTION (apply the exact same strategy you used profitably on your demo account) NEVER TRADE MONEY YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOOSE MAKE SURE TO READ ALL MONEY MANAGEMENT ARTICLES […]

Demo trading

By opening a free account thru the pelican app you will automatically receive a DEMO account credited by Pelican with 10’000 £/$/€. Trade your DEMO account exactly the same way you would trade your REAL money account. Learn to apply your risk and money management strategy and stick to it until you can produce constant […]

Understanding and receiving trading signals

Thru the Pelican Trading App you will be receiving our trading signals. Inside the app join our free or premium S1X Financial mentor group. After receiving a trading signal as shown below you can opt to copy the trade.                 Please follow our money management strategy and adjust […]

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