Trading Signals

Shares & Equities

We provide signals for US and European stocks mostly upon member private request. Some signals are posted through our various publishing channels. Please note that we trade shares and equities only through options with expiry dates of not less than 3, 6 and 12 months from the date the signal is posted. CFDs on equities […]

Trade Time Duration Expectation

We are often asked how long a trade will take before it hits the target (Take Profit / TP) set in the trade signal. While we are still working on algorithms to get an exact time expectation for every trade at present time the best we can offer is an approximation of a trade duration […]

Can I ask for dedicated signals

As a premium subscriber to our signal service you will enjoy up to 3 dedicated signal request per month from our list of covered markets. Please submit the requests directly within the Pelican Trading group chat room or use our contact form. Further note that only mid term to long term analysis are available for […]

Which markets are tradedable

We provide trading signals for the most liquid markets in the following underlying classes Stock indices Forex Commodities Crypto currencies Shares (upon dedicated request) Most traded products will automatically roll over from day to day. For a complete list of tradable products please check the product info table from our dedicated broker web site.

How to trade signals

The only way to receive and copy our trading signals is by installing the Pelican Trading APP (click link bellow). Copying our signals within the app is extremely easy and straightforward. On a daily basis we generate between 1 and 10 high probability signals that you can decide to copy or not. You further have […]

What are trading signals

S1X Financial trading signals are a suggestion for entering a trade on various types of underlyings (forex, indices, commodities or shares), usually at a specific price and time. Our signals are generated from our own proprietary trading algorithms and entered manually by professional traders into the Pelican Trading platform for subscribers to our trading signal […]

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