We use the term countertrade / counter trading / counter trade to describe a signal in contradiction (opposite direction) to a previously given signal.

As we DO NOT use a stop loss (SL) per position we therefore make use of countertrades to balance out our account(s) and stay as beta neutral as possible to reduce our risk exposure.

Copying a signal can obviously run you into a negative curve at any given time. To counteract the negative effect on your equity you should take an opposite trade at some point but latest when you receive an opposite signal to your already open position.

Do not keep adding up new positions in the same direction unless you’ve the required know how and expertise (scalping) / equity to do so.

We can’t give advice regarding SL as we don’t know anybody’s available equity or risk tolerance. Clients should have their own strategies on SL if any. We advice against using any SL. You could consider placing a SL at 500 to 1000 pips for peace of mind!