Account Opening

Uploading documents

Pelican is regulated by the FCA, they are therefore required to know who their clients are. This may require Pelican asking you to enter address details. In some cases they may also request ID and proof of address documents. Acceptable ID documents include a scan of your passport or driving licence (scans of the front […]

Minimum investment required

There is no minimum deposit size, however it is sensible when operating a trading account to ensure you have sufficient funds (margin) to support whatever trading strategy you follow. If you don’t have enough margin, you encounter a margin call, which can lead to the closure of your trade before a target has been reached. […]

How long does it takes to open an account

A Pelican demo account can be activated in minutes. If you choose to activate a live trading account, this typically takes minutes too. However, if documents are requested, the Pelican team will be required to approve your documents. This is typically done within 12hrs.

What account type should I chose

UK residents have the option of trading with Spread Bet or CFD accounts. European and other nationals are typically required to trade with CFD accounts.

REAL and DEMO accounts

All Pelican accounts are automatically assigned demo accounts with £10k to test the system with. At any point users can apply for live trading accounts where they can trade their own money.

Account verification

When creating you Pelican account you will be asked to enter a verification code. This is typically sent via SMS to the mobile number entered when creating the account. If this code does not arrive, select the option ‘Code hasn’t arrived’, you will then have further options, including requesting the code via email. If you […]

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