We refer to offsetting as a mean to reduce your account global risk exposure by offsetting winning positions against losing ones.

To keep your account equity exposure around your predefined level (we advice between 5% to 15% of your equity) you should limit the amount of concurrent open trades in your account at any given time to no more than 10 positions.

When you see opportunities to close out winner(s) against loser(s) position(s) do it as you will have triple benefice from doing so

  1. You reduce your margin level and free up capital for new investments
  2. You won’t pay swap charges for long open positions
  3. You reduce your global risk exposure


You have a total of 3 positions currently open 2 winners (total profit 2 +3 =5) and one loser (loss -2) the combined total running profit is +3  (5-2) account based currency. Do close simultaneously all 3 positions at a profit of +3. Do include the swap and commission costs in your calculation.

Be careful not to include single counter trades or hedges in the offset or you will end up with unbalanced accounts.