The minimum initial deposit to successfully follow our trades should be around 10’000 £/$/€. Most of our followers deposit a multiple of this.

We strongly believe that proper funding is part of being successful and we do not believe that trading small accounts with high leverage can be a successful long term strategy.

You need the funds to stay flexible and be able to apply our most basic money management strategy. 80% to 90% of your funds are needed to finance a possible drawdown for a piece of mind. Remember that we do not use stop losses and therefore have a higher requirement for free capital.

Only trade small contract sizes (1% to 2% of your available equity per single trade) and do not invest more than 10% to 15% of your total capital (please read the money management recommendations) so theoretically you could start trading with a lot less but when facing a drawdown in a position your stress level will increase and you will start to differ from applying your predefined strategy. This is one of the main reason most underfunded traders will lose money.

If you want to take a proper approach and learn how to make consistent long term returns do follow our advise and do not start trading with underfunded accounts. Should you not have 10’000 £/$/€ available for trading make use of demo accounts to learn how to apply our trading strategy accordingly.

Note that when trading micro lots it would be theoretically possible to use our signals with less available equity.