The only way to receive and copy our trading signals is by installing the Pelican Trading APP (click link bellow). Copying our signals within the app is extremely easy and straightforward. On a daily basis we generate between 1 and 10 high probability signals that you can decide to copy or not. You further have freedom of choice regarding where you place you real money trade. You can either use the associate Pelican Trading broker (Intertertrader) which is our preferred method as our pricing is done using the APP prices, spread and swaps or you can manually copy over the signal details to you preferred broker. Please make sure to review the possible pricing, lot size and commission costs of your broker and adjust accordingly with our in house broker pricing for best results.

Note that multiple clients have had problems in the past with dealing desk brokers and we strongly advice against using them. They do not like winning clients and will do anything legal or even “illegal” to make you lose a trade (spread widening, re-quoting, price peaks etc.).   Make sure you are using no dealing desks brokers with STP order execution.

Follow this link for more information about Pelican Trading and download the APP available for iOS and Android. After you download the APP join our group by clicking these links S1X Financial or S1X Financial Premium or using the “discover” option within the APP.