S1X Financial trading signals are a suggestion for entering a trade on various types of underlyings (forex, indices, commodities or shares), usually at a specific price and time.

Our signals are generated from our own proprietary trading algorithms and entered manually by professional traders into the Pelican Trading platform for subscribers to our trading signal group.

Due to the timely nature of signals, they are communicated in real time through the APP or other social media platforms like twitter.

S1X Financial signals are set and forget signals that can be copied and will close automatically at the predefined take profit price.

Signal examples

Entry: $FTSE LONG entry @ 7358 with exit target 7370
Closing: $FTSE CLOSED LONG entry @ 7358 @ exit target 7370 …. + 12 Pips

Entry: $GOLD SHORT entry @ 1325.15 with exit target 1318.11
Closing: $GOLD CLOSED SHORT entry @ 1325.15 @ exit target 1318.11 …. + 704 Pip

pelican trading signal example